Monday, 31 December 2007 - Sams Story (chapter 1)

The video at fly oceanic has changed to a hacked version with a message from "Sam" about the flight 815 and his missing "Sonya" who was a flight attendant. He points us to where there is a new video to see and that leads you into a few simple puzzles, some extra videos and a whole bunch of stuff.

Sam is on his own mission to find out what happened to flight 815. He has obviously been looking into it a while but is upping his commitment to it due to Oceanic officially giving up their search for the plane (this has time line complexities given the difference in show time and real world time but we won't worry about that for now, this seems to be a very in-show experience this time). Today he received an email from someone out of the blue from someone claiming to be an old friend of Sonya's. They include a photo of Sonya with some clues hidden in it. They are as follows:

  • In her mole she has the words "Black Rock" written.
  • In her right eye she has the words "Christiane 1" written
  • In her left eye she has the words "Sunda Trench" written
  • Around her hairline she has "tell no one, grave consequences" written
At this point Sam tries to reply to the email with "Who are you". This bounces, but examining the header you find that it was apparently from "" (I heard a strange bit of audio when I clicked on this, I may need to look into it). Sam also finds Sunda Trench on the map (near Christmas Island). So far that is it. The Maxwell group doesn't appear to be an active website yet.

The website let's you sign up to it, to remember your progress there. You can also click on various things on Sam's desk including:
  • His laptop (which let's you review websites and emails that are known to him. You can type in URLs on the browser but it doesn't appear to actually do anything, instead there are sites listed to the left you can click, currently though just Oceanics)
  • His phone (which has no messages at this point)
  • A little notebook thing he has that has information about several of the Lost Characters! Nothing earth shattering there however.
There is strange witting over this screen that looks like some kind of equation (probably just for atmosphere mind).

You can review your progress on the site by clicking the "My progress" banner. It seems there are 9 emails, 2 websites, 1 video, 1 message, 1 activity and 4 clue hunts to this chapter. Currently my list only has found and unreleased squares on it, so I think this is all there is so far.

Finally, There is a timer for continuation in the bottom right of the screen. Seems there are another 46 hours till the next stage. Meaning we won't get anything else until the 2nd of January.

UPDATE: (Good morning, and Happy New Year from Ange!) Dark UFO is reporting an Oceanic billboard spotted in Portland, Oregon (PICTURE).
  • The text of the advert treads, "A new life awaits you in Seoul. Your ultimate destination."
  • Also, a commenter at Dark UFO (foxysmile) is reporting that he/sh can read Korean, and states: "They are just some billboards for coffeeshop, restaurants, or something like that except the red ones on the left! (next to the O from Oceanic) They say "Only 6 people of/among them..." This is unconfirmed right now though.
UPDATE: is live, and has a compass and an area where you can attempt to log in with a username and password. (Thanks to Jess for the heads up and Shellma for the Whois).
  • When log-in is attempted, this message appears: The server is currently being serviced. It is expected to be back in service by 02/01/2008 00:08:15 UTC
  • Domain registration seems to be sketchy on this right now. It looks like it was created yesterday, but worth keeping an eye on. A whois shows:

Sunday, 30 December 2007

The Lost Experience 2 - The Start

Looks like things have actually kicked off on the long awaited and often rumored second Lost Altered Reality Game. Rumors were it was canned due to the writers strike, but it seems that wasn't true. The official launch date would seem to be New Years Eve 2007. I guess there won't be a lot of people researching that night! Anyway, I intend to keep it simple here just to give people a place to reference and to discuss while the "scene" gets organized.

So in traditional Bullet Point fashion:

  • The website has appeared containing an advert for the site and a link to a press release (there was also an advert in Lost magazine).
  • The press relate states that the company will be starting up again December 31st (presumably 2007, lol).
  • The press release also states that they will be flying to the following destinations:
    1. Los Angeles, CA
    2. Tustin, CA
    3. Ames, IA
    4. Miami, FL
    5. New York, NY
    6. Portland, OR
    7. Knoxville, TN
    8. Seoul, South Korea
    9. Sydney, Australia
  • At the bottom of the press release there is a telephone number: "Georgia Cavanagh (818) 460-5520"
  • Calling this number gives you a brief message about the website opening and asks you to leave your name, number and time of calling (don't answer machines tell you that?).
The only other information in the press release is a comment about being around for 25 years (they don't say how much of that they were shut down) and that they are a major carrier travelling to destinations including Los Angeles, London, Sydney and South Korea (which begs the question: Why don't they fly to London anymore?).

UPDATE: Speaker has posted a video building things up even more, mentioning an unnatural fog, the Oceanic site and making a mention about keeping your eyes open, having a camera with you and taking screen shots.