Saturday, 2 February 2008

Chapter Five Summary - That sinking feeling.

Sam's Story

  • Sam has decided to take affirmative action and speak to Ockham. He tells him that he found the co-ordinates in Talbot's cabin and mentions that they are currently within range of the co-ordinates and it's the only chance they'll get for the next three weeks to check it out. He points out that Ockham gets paid for three months regardless of when they find “Black Rock”.

  • Ockham agrees and they come up with a plan to reprogram the coordinates without Talbot finding out. Unfortunately this doesn't quite work out as planned and Talbot realizes something is amiss.

  • Talbot argues that his search grid is based off of coordinates from Magnus Hanso's journal which his “employers” have access to. He question what makes Sam think that they will find something at those specific coordinates and demands their course is reset.

  • Sam comes clean about how he acquired the coordinates, but that fails to help his argument, especially as Talbot claims the Maxwell Group makes no mention of him. Sam thinks Ockham is about ready to throw him overboard. However luckily for Sam the navigation equipment starts bleeping. “Mr. Talbot, I think we've found Black Rock," says Ockham.

  • While Ockham sets things up, Sam retreats to his cabin to get away from Talbot's angry glares. He finds a voicemail from Tracy. She is worried about him and wants to remind him that he is, “not alone”.

  • He also receives an email from Austral Air offering him a job with them. However Sam is not in a state of mind to think about this and writes a quick, polite reply rejecting their offer.

  • Sam checks out a weather forecast for the area of the Sunda Trench. Rough Seas are reported.

  • Finally he receives a final mystery email. This time, simply with the numbers 411151057. They are keeping it simple this time. It is hacker speak (Leet/l337) and says “ALL IS LOST”.

  • Having had enough of the emails, he heads up to the top deck. It may be his mind playing tricks on him, but he hears Sonya's voice calling him, “Sam...Sam...” He looks over the side and is sure he can see Sonya's face saying, “Love you madly.” Ockham comes up behind him to give him an update on the situation. He tells Sam, “This place can get to you”. Ockham tells him as soon as the weather clears Sam will get to drive one of the ROV's down to get a look at the Black Rock.

  • Sam takes the time to reflect in his video diary. He talks about his anniversary with Sonya and how he met her on the island “Tanna” in the Pacific.

  • Finally the weather clears and Sam takes control of an ROV. They appear to be at a depth of 480 feet (according to the numbers Ockham counts out as they lower the ROV).

  • After some maneuvering around the sea bed Sam spots something... “That's no ship,” says Ockham. Sam knows what it is right away. It is the wreckage of Flight 815. He is distraught. Talbot however just looks smug.


  • Back at home Sam watches a news broadcast about his discovery. According to the report sympathies are flooding in for Sam. They even interview Oscar Talbot who plays things up for the media saying, “ Sam had studied every aspect of the plane and in an extraordinary twist of fate, he had his answer.” Sam looks a wreck.

  • The Maxwell Group website put up a press release/interview with Oscar Talbot. Seems Oscar is going all out to put a PR spin on this. He explains that it is impossible to salvage the wreckage given the depth of it. He also claims that the whole thing helped to put Sam at peace.

  • Oceanic Air have been advertising for a new promotion/competition for a “Golden Pass”. The winner apparently will be able to fly anywhere, anytime as much as they want, for free (Like Jack from last seasons flash forward). It seems Sam isn't as peace as Talbot claimed as he is still hacking their commercials. This time with the message, “Don't trust these people”.

  • Shortly after this, the Maxwell Group website went down and was replaced by a flashier looking version with a new look logo. The log in is still there however and at this time we do not know of a user name and password that gives us access.

Behind The Scenes

  • This final clue hunt passwords are “Southfields” and “Red Sox” and the season four clue itself is a crate with the words “property of Queens College Dept of Physics”.
  • As well as the usual array of various visual glitches in the final video diary there is also some reverse speaking. This turned out to be from the press release interview with Oscar Talbot that was posted up on the Maxwell group.
  • The MP3 of the Maxwell Group press release contains the following in the "comments" area. So far we have found no meaning in it.

00000062 00000073 00002140 00001429 000000B6
000138F5 00007DB1 00006151 000000D0 000138DB

Left Over Questions and Clues

sam is a muppet

  • Obviously the biggest question of this whole experience is how can Oceanic 815 be in the Sunda Trench when we know that it crashed on the island. Is this an elaborate set up or is it something stranger then that?
  • What is Talbot's Agenda and what exactly are the links between Maxwell, Widmore (and with it the Hanso Foundation), Oceanic and the current events on the Island?
  • Were the video glitches in game and if so what does that mean? They seemed to be coming from the future in many cases. Add that to the ghostly images of Sonya and the unusual electro magnetic disturbances, and we have a very curious puzzle. Especially as the electro magnetic stuff seemed to hint at “The Island”. Was that co-incidence (for the sake of teasing us the viewer) or is it more significant?
  • A huge amount of clues from this game pointed us towards the works of James Clerk Maxwell, his equations and works on “Lines of Force”. We know Magnetism and the Island are linked, but what does this tell us specifically? It can't be a coincidence that the name of Talbot's group was also “Maxwell”.
  • Was it really just amateur radio enthusiasts broadcasting the Amelia Earhart report?
  • We still have no meaning or significance for the SHIMMR clue. Was there ever one? It seemed to relate to that complex Walt Whitman stegosaurus clue. There must be something to it all.
  • Was there ever anything to the weird thing with the changing numbers on Sam's chest and his verbal hints about that?
  • What's the deal with this code in the Maxwell press release MP3?
  • Is there more significance to the L337 email and the words “All is lost”?
  • What is the significance of the billboard locations, the phrases written on them and the pictures contained within?
  • Things that seemed to lead nowhere: Sam's Mum, Sam's investment in a box company and the whole deal with Austral Air.
  • A.M. Mullins, the apparent owner of the briefcase Talbot has in his possession. Also Talbot had various names on his phone. Could any of this have some meaning?

All the Season 4 “Clues” from the Clue Hunt

Okay, that's all for the five chapters of Find 815 and their immediate aftermath. What will happen next and when, I couldn't tell you. But we'll certainly be back here as and when (and even IF) it happens! In the meantime you can find all of us over at The Lost Community joining in the discussion as always of our favourite series and of course I myself will be posting my theories and analysis of Season Four over at The Lost Bullet Points. Also, don't forget to check the TLC Podcast this week as it features our very own Ange giving her opinions on the experience and it's possible direction.

In the meantime I'd just like to thank everyone involved here, all of you that have commented and emailed. We have a great think tank here. I'd especially like to thank Ange and Jess for their hard work getting the daily updates up. Without them we wouldn't have a site!



Thursday, 31 January 2008

Maxwell Updates with a Press Relaease and Sam's on TV Again

Update 2/2- The Maxwell Group site has returned after disappearing for a day, and it's had some enhancements (thanks oodles and tallone).
  • If you're having trouble with the site, you can still access and download an mp3 of the press release here.
  • *If you download the mp3 and then look at the properties (right click-properties) there are some letters and numbers in the "comments" area. So what's this all about?
00000062 00000073 00002140 00001429 000000B6
000138F5 00007DB1 00006151 000000D0 000138DB

Oceanic Air Commercial
1/31- 11:02 pm: During the show Eli Stone on ABC, they had an Oceanic commercial. In it they are touting a "Golden Pass" but Sam hacks the commercial. (Please excuse the video quality...I did my best.)
  • There are some undersea pictures of the wreckage of Flight 815.
  • Sam tells us, "We found it," and "You can't trust these people."
  • The flight attendants in the commercial continue to direct us to for details.
  • DocArtz has the HQ version of the commercial up.
  • Find815 has a new look. It seems they are trying to attract all of the Lost viewers that missed the game the first time around.
The Maxwell Group Updates
1/31- 11:27 pm: The Maxwell Group site has a new press release from Oscar Talbot.
  • There's an audio interview there detailing how they found the wreckage. Click here or here (UCLAradio link from the page) to listen.
  • The Maxwell Group reports a new message when you attempt to log-in as of 7:01 am 2/1:

    Authentication Error

    The username or password you entered was incorrect.

    Click here to return to homepage

    Server updated and secured.
*Robin Hood sent us some reversed audio blips on 1/31 from Sam's final video diary.
  • HERE is the version Robin Hood sent.
  • Fenris did some noise reduction, and compressed and normalized it. HERE is the modified version.
  • After listening to both I can hear the words "two" (at 1 min. 21 sec. in the press release) "common" (at 1 min. 27 sec. in the press release) and "half-hour" (at 1 min. 46 sec. in the press release) in both sets of audio.
  • These "blips" are certainly sound bytes from the press release. ~Ange

Chapter 5 - Find the Black Rock.... or did we?

Today's final update starts with a video of Ockham communicating with the crew of the Christiane 1 to lower the ship's ROV. Ockham is counting as they lower the ROV. The final number he says is 480. Is that 480 feet?

Once this is successfully done, we are led to the...


Find the Black Rock:
  • The object of the game is to maneuver the ROV through ten different way points that could be the Black Rock.
  • You have 3 minutes to complete the activity.
  • If you have a slow internet connection you are advised to click the low resolution button.
  • Thewonderllama sent in a PICTURE of one of the paths that works. (Thanks!)
Upon completion of the activity we are given our...

  • As Sam watches the ROV top a crest on the ocean floor, Oceanic Flight 815 comes into view.
  • Sam is extremely distraught!
  • Talbot has a very smug look on his face.
  • Then the video changes to Sam watching the news about how Oceanic Flight 815 was discovered. The news anchor reports that sympathies are flooding in for Sam Thomas.
  • The news cuts to an interview with Oscar Talbot. Apparently Talbot "hopes this discovery will bring some closure to the families". Talbot says "Sam had studied every aspect of the plane and in an extraordinary twist of fate, he had his answer"!

As usual, there are screencaps posted in Oceanic-Conspiracies Photobucket Album.

It seems were are left with a lot of unanswered questions. Talbot's final words have me thinking that we were right all along about this being an "accidental" find. What do you think? Who is Oscar Talbot working for? Exactly how deep was the wreckage? I would assume that since Sam used an ROV to find it, it was too deep to "recover" the bodies. How did it get there? Who put it there? Last, but not least, how will they explain finding the wreckage in the Sunda Trench?

In closing, I just wanted to say (and I am sure I speak for the whole Oceanic-Conspiracies Team) how much I have enjoyed working with everyone here. I can't wait for S4 tonight! I look forward to chatting with everyone over at The Lost Community!
Thanks Everyone!

Thanks to Robin Hood who sent us some reversed audio from the video diary from last night. No doubt there is a voice in there. I've uploaded the file as sent (it is reversed, trimmed audio from the video). I also did some noise reduction, compression and normalization on it and put the modified version. HERE is the original, and HERE is the modified version. Check it out and post what you think it says. ~Fenris

NOTE: Don't forget, in theory the Maxwell site goes live at 7:08PM EST. So there may be one more part to this puzzle.

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Chapter 5- Clue Hunt and Video Diary

**According to the timer on our final "Activity" will come around noon eastern time on 1/31. According to the Maxwell-Group log in page and some creative conversions, it looks like the final log-in there will be at 7:08pm eastern time on 1/31. Synchronize your watches and after the conclusion of the game, head over to TLC for some Season 4 premier discussion! ~Ange

Tonights video starts with Sam walking the deck of the Christiane 1. He hears Sonya calling him..."Sam...Sam..." Sam looks out over the ocean. An image of Sonya's face appears and says "Love you madly". Is Sam just seeing things? Is Sonya projecting herself? Ockham walks up and tells Sam that "this place" can "get to you"!

After that we have our, Clue Hunt

Tonight's clue hunt takes place on the deck of the Christiane 1.

  1. Season 1 - Backgammon
  2. Season 2 - Four Toed Statue
  3. Season 3 - Gas Lamp
  4. Season 4 - HERE
Which, of course, leads to a game at your Network Affiliate. (The clue hunt did not link to the right game, so you may have to go directly to ABC to get the right one.)
  • Game - Navigate the Storms and Tidal Waves
  1. This is pretty much self explanatory. You have to use the arrow keys to make your ship avoid the lightning storms and the tidal waves. You can touch the clouds without the lightning though.
  2. Once you are finished you get your Chapter 5/Season 4 Clue. The passwords are:
A) ABC - Southfields
B) Yahoo - Red Sox Thanks to Patch and Pharmacopaeia for e-mailing.

Chapter 5 Video Diary:
  • Sam says they found the Black Rock.
  • He said when they first got there it appeared as though nothing was there. Talbot said the coordinates were insufficient.
  • Sam says at first Ockham wanted to throw him over board. When he tried to explain to them how he got the coordinates, emails and such, they looked at him like he was crazy.
  • Sam says as Ockham was turning the ship around, the sonar finds something out of the blue.
  • Then I think Ockham wants to kiss Sam, or something like that.
  • Sam is going to get to drive one of their ROV's down to get a look at the Black Rock as soon as the weather clears.
  • Sam starts talking about his anniversary and says that he and Sonya met on the island, Tanna in the Pacific.
Here is a slide show of the glitches in this video that Ange put together.

As usual all of the blip pictures can be found at the Oceanic Conspiracies Photobucket.

The video has a lot of glitches this time. I think I heard speaking as well. What do you think? Also, since we know the "actual" location of the Black Rock, what do you think they have actually found? I think this ending could either answer a lot, or leave us with a creepy cliffhanger!

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Chapter 5- E-mail, Website, and a Voicemail

*Update 1/30- You might want to go over to ITE and see what Speaker has for us (Thanks Maven for the mail about this). **Update- Thanks to Memphish for linking in comments. ABC has an Oceanic Airlines press release today. ~Ange

New Picture


Tracey is calling Sam to let him know she is worried about him (she also sounds a little sleepy). She wants to make sure he's okay as he hasn't seemed right lately. She reminds him he's, "...not alone."


Sent Items:

Subject: Employment Opportunity Recipient Austral Air

  • Sam is responding to their offer of employment, but declining as "one or two things have come up". Also, he's not sure he wants to work for an airline.

Subject: Message Recipient: Tracey R

  • He apologizes for not getting in touch with her but something has "come up" for him, and he has a "bad feeling" about what's going to happen.


Subject: Employment Opportunity Sender: Austral Air

  • They are informing Sam that a position may have come up that would work for him, and would like him to come to Sydney. It's signed Isaac Chapman

Subject: [no subject] Sender: Unknown

  • The number: 411151057 appears.
  • Thanks to Maven for e-mailing about this. 411151057 translates to ALL IS LOST. WeBB at Dark UFO figured this out using 1337 (leet).


The site is Ocean Forecasts and it is a weather report for the Sunda Trench for the next 24 hours.

  • It reports Southerly gales and rough or very rough seas that may be occasionally high.
  • Thanks to Memphish in comments for the link to the Beaufort Scale which is used for measuring gales.
  • is not a live site at this time.

I'm left with some questions, how about you? 1. What's so important about this correspondence with Austral Air? 3. Could that weather report be any more all encompassing? It does look like there's some rough weather ahead though.

Monday, 28 January 2008

Chapter 5- We Need to Cover Our Tracks

3 men

Tonight's update begins with a video which highlights Talbot telling Sam that he doesn't know who he's dealing with.

Next, we see Sam in a conversation with Ockham.

  • He tells him a story about finding the coordinates on the slip of paper in Talbot's cabin, mentions that they are within range of the coordinates, and it's the only chance they will get for the next three weeks.
  • Ockham and Sam agree on a deal and he and Sam come up with a plan to reprogram the coordinates without Talbot finding out. The first part of the plan is that Sam needs to navigate the ship through the reef.

Navigate the Reef:

Sam must get the Christiane 1 to the coordinates without hitting the reef.

  • Hint: You will have to steer away from the coordinates to get through the reef safely. Beware of dead ends.
  • It seems the best course is to bear to the left while also drifting up. You really need to keep track of where you've been.

At the end of successful navigation we get another video:

  • Talbot knows they changed course, but that the coordinates Sam has are insignificant.
  • Everyday Magnus Hanso recorded his ship's position in a journal. His employers have that journal and the search grid is based on it.
  • He questions what makes Sam think his coordinates are the ones he needs. Sam says he got them from the Maxwell Group, but Talbot tells Sam that his employers never make mention of him.
  • Sam comes clean about how he ended up there (e-mails, coordinates, etc.).
  • Talbot wants the original coordinates reset...but just as they go to turn the ship around the navigation starts beeping, and Ockham says, "Mr. Talbot, I think we've found Black Rock."

We are left with lots to think about. 1. Who are Talbot's employers, and how did they get Magnus Hanso's journal? 2. If Maxwell sent Sam to the Sunda Trench and Talbot knows nothing of it then who works for whom? 3. And of course, if they have found the Black Rock...what now? Where does that leave Sam?

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Chapter Four Summary - Light and Shadows

Sam's Story
  • Sam tricks Ockham into thinking the plotter has a fault and while "fixing" it he uses a nifty little program on his pen drive to give him access and locate the coordinates. Turns out to be right in Talbot's search grid.
  • Unfortunately for Sam, while he fooled Ockham, Talbot is more suspicious and finds the piece of paper that Sam had carelessly left lying around. Talbot gives him a warning "You have no idea what your involved in" he says.
  • Sam counters by telling Talbot he was given the co-ordinates by the Maxwell group. Strangely Oscar isn't phased. "Stay away from those coordinates, you won't find what you're looking for."
  • Returning to his cabin, Sam finds a voice mail. Seems Sam isn't as broke as he thought he may be. An investment in a box company has come through, or so he is told by Richard who works for a person named Randy. The news is a welcome break for Sam.
  • More Good news for Sam turns up in the form of an email from Tracey. She seems to have smoothed things over with Sam's Mum and has even agreed to spent Christmas with her.
  • However things then take a bad turn. Sam receives another mystery email. This time containing a code (hidden in anagrams of numbers that then convert to letters of the alphabet). The message is "Love you Madly" something he and Sonya used to say to each other all the time.
  • Later during one of Sam's night time strolls on the deck he spots something glowing off in the distance.He grabs a pair of binoculars and gives it a closer look. It looks like some kind of Aurora.
  • Sam returns to his cabin to look into it. He emails Tracey who tells him (after joking about aliens from the planet Zubelleedubelee), that it probably was an Aurora, although she found it odd that it faded away so quickly. She speculates that it could be related to the strange mishap on the bridge the other day.
  • Following on from this Sam looks up some information online on Aurora's and finds a website on the phenomenon of the Aurora Australis (the Southern version of the Aurora Borealis).
  • Sam is having mixed feelings. Are people just messing with his head? He doesn't know, but he knows he misses Sonya and thinks about her all the time. He has decided to continue to help "these people" to find The Black Rock in the hopes that they will give him what he wants in return.

The Clues

Behind The Scenes

  • We finally have the password (X4x98adfo97)to the hidden message in the stegosaurus picture from last week. This was provided via more braille characters hidden in this weeks opening video. The hidden message was binary code which when translated turned out to be a Walt Whitman Poem title "When I heard the learn’d astronomer". Seems Sam won't be following up on Tracey's "Holiday tip", so he will probably never find this out.
  • There is hidden text in the background of one of the websites on Sam's laptop (Sunda Trench). There are columns of numbers under the headings of the letters A to F. When each column is added and divided by six they give: a: 115 b: 104 c: 105 d: 109 e: 109 f: 114. These numbers can then be converted into ASCII characters and these come out as: S H I M M R. What this means remains to be seen.
  • Camp Millar - This comes from hazy sources, but is allegedly hidden in a code on the label to the pill bottle from the clue hunt.
    • Commenter Oodles guided us toward how this clue was solved. ~Ange
  • The passwords for this weeks clue hunt were: Miles Straume and Frank Lapidus (SPOILER ALERT: If you google this, you WILL be spoiled).

The other characters

  • Oscar Talbot - Didn't seem surprised to hear Sam has been getting information from the Maxwell Group. He also seemed to know what the coordinates were all about.
  • Mr. Ockham - Hardly present this week and seems Sam can easily pull the wool over his eyes.
  • Tracey R - Seems willing to do a lot for Sam, including stay with his Mum for Christmas.
  • Sam's Mum - Still worried about Sam but has Tracey looking after her now.
  • Richard and Randy - We don't know much about these two except that Randy seems to be Sam's accountant and Richard works in his office.

Unless there is a false ending at the conclusion of the supposed final chapter, next weeks summary will be the last. So that will be posted followed by a retrospective the following day. To end this week I leave you with a quote:

"Stars hide your fires! Let not light see my black and deep desires."